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Tips for Selling Cars to Spanish Speaking Hispanics

Jan 19, Posted by in featured

As you have probably heard, Hispanics are the fastest growing population segment in the US.  As of 2010, over 16% of the US population self-identified as Hispanic.  All told, almost 13% of the US population said that they speak Spanish at home, and that number has only grown in the 5 years since the census was completed.  In fact, it has been estimated that Hispanic buying power has exceeded 1.5 trillion dollars a year.  This is

Hire Bilingual or Spanish Dominant Employees

Just like you, Hispanics are more likely to buy something when they feel comfortable and confident about the person selling to them.  You don’t buy from a dealership, you buy from a dealer.  That is why having someone on staff who is fluent in Spanish is so crucial to attracting Spanish language customers.

Empower Them to Spend Time “Off Campus”

Generally speaking, Hispanics look for recommendations from friends, family, and even friends of friends before turning to Google to find the answer to something, especially when it comes to making the second biggest purchase than anyone makes (besides buying a home).

Additionally, we prefer to buy from someone we know.  Someone we have had a conversation with, and that we feel we can trust.  And the only way for your sales people to be trusted in that way, is for them to out and meet as many people as possible. This means…

Do Community Outreach

Have them go to soccer tournaments, and little league games.  Concerts in the park and barbeques are also great places for them to get to know people in the community.  Going to these events and shaking hands, just being involved will make Hispanics more likely to buy cars from you, if you are genuinely kind and interesting.

Create and Promote Spanish Language Content

At this point, almost every city and town in the US has publications, radio programs, and TV shows that cater to Spanish speakers.  And all of these are excellent places for you to promote your burgeoning Spanish speaking salespeople.  Studies have shown that Hispanics are more likely to see advertisements as legitimate recommendations, so make sure you advertise.

Build a Spanish Language Website

Finally, you need to have somewhere to send these potential customers, and if you have already invested in Spanish speaking staff, and Spanish language promotional material, then only having an English language website (or worse, a machine translated website) is not an option.

Luckily, you now have a choice!  At Altura Auto, we not only translate your static website (like the home page, the About US page, and the Services pages), but we can human translate all your inventory pages in real time.  If you want to learn more about how we do it, and how much it costs, click here to get more information.

In Conclusion

The most important thing is that you actually do something.  Hispanics are going to spend money on cars in ever increasing numbers.  And if you don’t do something soon, they will be going across the street to buy from your competitors, and nobody wants that.

As you have probably heard, Hispanics are the fastest growing population segment in the US.  As of 2010, over 16% …

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